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Healthcare PR, former student journalist

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Blood thinners sq article

Antithrombotic Therapy Has No Benefit for Low Risk Atrial ...

Findings from a large, community-based study show that antithrombotic therapy...

Zipper club article

Intermountain Medical Center Heart Failure Patients Form Community that Lasts Long After They Leave the Hospital

Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray is diagnosed with heart failure...

Improving outcomes for heart valve patients article

Innovation in Heart Care: Improving Outcomes for Heart Valve Patients

Enhancements in artificial heart valves didn’t occur overnight. Take a look at the...

Screen shot 2017 06 29 at 3.59.20 pm article

'We call ourselves the zipper club...'

Receiving a heart failure diagnosis is not easy to swallow. But if you’re diagnosed at the...

2 e1432925120382 article article article

Engineering a way to conserve the culture of Peru’s Uros Islands

A tiny Peruvian woman wakens long before the 5 a.m. sunrise, tiptoeing around her family’s...

Cia 01 300x240 article

BYU grad rescues child sex slaves

A team of former Navy Seals and CIA operatives splash beer on their faces as they prepare to play the part...

Riseasonetee 300x189 article

BYU's 'Rise as One' football slogan intercepted

BYU football’s 2014 slogan “Rise As One” has expired before the season even begins because of a...

Anti trafficing 4 300x200 article

Sex trafficking survivor tells her story at BYU

Sex trafficking victims can get beaten within an inch of their life for refusing their pimp’s demands twice. The third...

Ldspressconf 08 article

LDS Church announces support of LGBT rights, reaffirms religious freedom

LDS Church leaders announced their support of legislation to protect both LGBT and religious rights at a...

Screen shot 2015 01 15 at 12.59.55 pm 300x187 article

Utah A.G. Sean Reyes joined child sex-trafficking sting

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes works closely with the anti child sex trafficking organization Operation...

Heart symbol found on children39s toy contains secret message for pedophiles syndimport 044628 article

Signs of Slavery

A toy truck emblazoned with a pink heart within a heart made national headlines for all the wrong reasons in March...

Dscf0651 300x224 article

BYU student sought in meth lab incident says 'the news has it wrong'

The occupant of a student apartment where police found a working meth lab was still unaccounted for Monday but...

Advancements breast cancer mammography brett parkinson article

25 years of progress in the detection and treatment of breast cancer

Since I began my career at Intermountain Healthcare 25 years ago, there have...

011415 nws bryce cazier 02 300x199 article

Meth lab student pleads guilty to 2nd-degree felony

BYU student Bryce Cazier pleaded guilty to an amended charge on Wednesday, Jan. 14, for operating a clandestine...

Img 1487 article

Utah Medical First: 3D Printed Kidney Helps Doctors at Intermountain Medical Center Save Woman's Organ During Complicated Tumor Removal

In a Utah medical first, doctors at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray printed and used a...